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Disclaimer: This calcualtor is for informational purposes only, site oweners will not be responsible for any loss resulting from use of calcualtor. Please obtain advise from a tax expert in respect of detrmination of your tax liability. This calculator does not include group reliefs, business by government entites, restucturing relief, tax treaty relief and such other credits you may be eligible for.

Basic Information

What is the entity residential status:

Non Resident

Do you have a Permanat Establishment or nexus In UAE

Yes ( Your income is subject to 0% WHT )

Is your revenue greater than AED 1M, Have you elected for tax in UAE

No ( Your are not liable to tax )

Is your annual turnover below AED 3,000,000:


You are eligibile for SME relief. It will be treated as if you have no taxable income in the tax period.


Legal Status

Resident PE

Foreign PE

Has the election been made to exempt foreign income

Yes ( Foreign Income do not include it in Computation of UAE tax )

Unincorporated Partner Ship

Incorporated partner Ship

Other Judicial Person except Free zone


Private Fund

Has the election been made to exempt foreign income

Yes ( Exampt )

Input Data

Temporary Box

Dear Abdul Shakoor,

Thanks for using ASK management tax calculator. Please be reminded that the calculator is for informational purposes only and may not cover all the circumstances relevant to you. You are therefore advised to obtain qualified opinion in respect of your tax liability. The use of calculator does not create any liability on ASK management consultants or its employees.

Tax Computation

Your Tax year is:
Your first Tax return is due on:


A m o u n t

Total Accounting Income



Add back unrelaised gains


Add Property Income


Exempt capital gains or foreign income


Domestic dividends


Add back surplus interest expense


Entertainment Expenditure


Not wholy or fully Business expense


Transfer pricing adjustment


Adjusted Profit


Unincorporated Partnership


Less: Carry forward tax loss


Taxable Income


First 375,000


Remaining Income


Tax Liability @9%


Other Matters

You may elect below (where relevant to you):
  1. Benefit from small business relief if your annual turnover is below AED 3,000,000 in current year and previous years
  2. Exempt Foreign permanat establishmnet Income
  3. Account for gain and losses on realisation basis
  4. Be subject to Corporate tax if you are a Qualifying Free Zone person
  5. Apply relief in relation to transfer of qualifying assets
  6. Apply busines restructuring relief
  7. Apply transitionla relief

You may make below applications to FTA
  1. To be exempt from Corporate Tax, if the Person is a public pension fund or a public social security fund, a private pension fund or a private social security fund that meet the relevant conditions, or a Qualifying Investment Fund
  2. To be exempt from Corporate Tax, if they are a juridical person that is wholly owned and controlled by certain types of Exempt Persons387 and meet the relevant condition (e.g. used exclusively for holding assets or investing funds for the benefit of the Exempt Person)
  3. To continue to be exempt from Corporate Tax if the Person temporarily fails to meet the conditions of exemption;
  4. To treat a Government Entity’s taxable Businesses as a single Taxable Person;
  5. To treat an Unincorporated Partnership as a single Taxable Person
  6. To treat a Family Foundation as an Unincorporated Partnership
  7. To request a clarification from the FTA
  8. To request a refund from the FTA
  9. To adjust Taxable Income following an adjustment by a foreign tax authority
  10. To move from the Cash Basis of Accounting to Accrual Basis of Accounting
  11. To form, join or leave a Tax Group, replace a Parent Company in a Tax Group, or cease to be a Tax Group
  12. To deregister for Corporate Tax
  13. To change their Tax Period

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